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forward & unimaginative

val, threeturn on the ao3.
1d, little mix, this & that. multishipper.
Apr 18 '14

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Apr 18 '14

how far will 1d go to avoid putting girls in their music videos, an ongoing voyage of discovery

live while we’re young - any girls present are somewhere in the background. the only love interests are giant microphones, inflatable bananas, and each other.

little things - boys only. all encouraging and respectful declarations of love are sung tenderly to each other.

kiss you - boys only. rate of onscreen snogging increases by 100%.

one way or another - any girls present are small children.

best song ever - any girls present are zayn.

story of my life - any girls present are family members.

midnight memories - any girls present are senior citizens.

you and i - any girls present are sea gulls. apparently it was the only way to make this song the romantic selfcest + bodyswap ballad it was always meant to be. you know when you’re prompting a fic like, “i want accidental boyfriends, bonus points for breathplay”? someone must’ve said, ”ben winston, i want niall to make love to himself, bonus points for zarry bodyswap!!” and voila this video, nothing has ever been more romantic, not even the gods above can separate the two of us BECAUSE YOU’RE EITHER THE SAME DUDE OR YOU JUST TURNED INTO YOUR BANDMATE.

look we know how bodyswap works. buttsex and zayn’s high note are the only way back.

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Apr 18 '14

oh well, at least zayn looked good

-ancient one direction proverb

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Apr 6 '14

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Apr 6 '14

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Apr 6 '14

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Apr 6 '14


this is a post entitled ‘niall horan is a giant gooby snuffalupagus lemme snorgle ur belly’ or; ‘look at this cuddle bunbun’ or; ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) or; oh,fuck.



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Apr 6 '14

19,907 notes View comments (via mightfindmevaluable & zaynrocksmyworld)Tags: my experience in this fandom has been transformed so utterly that at this point my first reaction is PAY SOME FUCKING ATTENTION TO NIALL YOU MEATHEADS but actually this is valuable fandom history for everyone who just got here and is wondering why all the fic is ziam and larry this pic is pretty representative of how things used to be ot5 bb ot5

Apr 6 '14

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Apr 6 '14

Beautiful Rudeness - hand type

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