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"As for what is meant by love, sure there are definitions without end; but perhaps they must all include an abdication of the critical sense. I mean that the one may see the faults of the other, but utterly refuse to condemn them." - Stephen Maturin, Desolation Island, by Patrick O’Brian


Kirsty MacColl | They Don’t Know

when someone tries to show me receipts on my #problematic fave



#so ahead of your time

One Direction fic; Liam/each member; NC-17; Rota


Title: Rota
Pairing: Liam/each member of 1D in turn
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~9,000
A/N: SORRY FOR  ALL THE TAGS; I wanted to tag it ot5 as it is to me, but also, it’s technically Liam/each boy in turn, so. I mean, I’m guessing an orgy happens eventually, but not in this fic.

There’s no penetrative sex, and no end-game pairing, just lots of orgasms for all (especially Liam) :D

Summary: In which Liam needs help after he breaks his wrist, even if he won’t admit it, and Louis has the perfect solution.

Rota @ AO3

the video to steal my girl should be a shot for shot homage to the video for kiss by Prince, complete with crop tops and stillettoes. because every one direction video should be a shot for shot homage to the video for kiss by Prince

EXCELLENT POINT i mean for an homage you’d need a shirtless dude with a cross necklace, a mysterious love interest in black, and a guitarist, so we’re 3/5 there and i’m sure we can work lilo in somehow :D

#maybe it can just feature them looking menacingly at a series of attractive men#all of whom want to steal their girl Nah, that's way too on point for the song if it's Ben Winston directing. It'll just be one long close-up of Harry.

split screen video where on one side harry is prancing around in his tightest jeans while on the other side his bandmates stare menacingly at jeff azoff and alain de botton

i can’t wait to find out how 1d will avoid putting girls in the music video for this one


“And perhaps it didn’t matter to them, not always, what they read aloud; it was the breath of life flowing between them, and the words of the moment riding on it that held them in delight. Between some two people every word is beautiful, or might as well be beautiful.”
― Eudora Welty,
The Optimist’s Daughter

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